yeah, that’s what i feel awhile ago. And still, thinking, why im feelin that way! I was like a rock. Idk, i just thought about a rocks. Hoho! Woah. This day for me, is idk! Im feelin bit awkward to myself. Asking questions! Why? Why? Why? (ross tune) Why i felt that way! You know the feelin’ when you saw an ex bestfriend of yours, then they were sooo happy that anybody cant paint it? no, im not bitter, yun na nga eh, hindi ko knws, why im feelin this? I know, that im not bitter, it was a years agooooo. Help me to figure it out? Naaaa.Cant even help myself :(
This was like this…

After church, then im gonna go home agad, so i ride a jeepney, then suddenly idk if i first saw him or not? but i think he saw me first haha. It was a 3 times, na tumingin ako, nalingon sya sa iba. na sana imma give a smile! So then, Parang sadya? And then when i last saw him, i was like (Okay mae, pretend nalang you don’t saw them, just bow yer head and pretend textin and never look back)

Ayun lang, then sa jeep. idk im startin to feel sooo looser. But my mind keep on sayin, NO yer not mae, Yer NOT! Then YEAH im NOT, but deep inside i feel sadness.  and thats now, i am so puzzled. Hohohohohoho! Maybe i was meant to be, oh no. it is really meant to be. Maybe i just miss being with somebody else. Hahahaha! Maybe not now, maybe someday! Now what? I laugh? Soo you mma call me a BIPOLAR? Duh, i know, defense mech doesnt solve any problem! :))))))) *BOW*

  • 12 August 2012